What the Deal with Unlimited Web Hosting Plans?

Most of the web hosting companies offer packages with unlimited resources “Unlimited web hosting” such as disk storagebandwidthMySQL databasesemail addressFTP account and so on. This is so that websites with high traffic don’t hit resource limits. Therefore, am sure you are asking which companies provide unlimited website hosting?

For your business to enjoy Unlimited Services you need to have a provider offering:-

  • Multiple connections to data centres,
  • Access to multiple service providers,
  • High capacity multi-carrier network,
  • Global routing technologies,
  • Access to major internet exchange points,
  • Low-latency links.

A few companies would warrant this service namely: Google, Facebook, Amazon and Twitter to be able to work to their optimal performance as they have millions of users hitting their website daily. Therefore, most companies especially small businesses would do well with dedicated server hosting configured with load balancers through one of our recommended web hosting company.

What is Unlimited Web Hosting?

The term unlimited, in the web hosting world, often refers to disk-space (you can upload an unlimited number of files on your web server) and bandwidth ( refers to unlimited data-transfer and encompasses the amount of traffic you receive on your website).

How to choose a DECENT Unlimited Web Host?

So, you’re probably thinking, just choose a web host who provides an unlimited package at an affordable price? No No… never assume anything when it comes to web hosting.

At the moment, my professional opinion as an IT infrastructure engineer I would say BlueHost are the market leaders. Check out their review and see why millions of webmasters host and prefer them. Do a trial as most hosting companies will give a money back guarantee usually minimum of 30 days. Some have up to 97 days like Dreamhost another highly rated hosting service provider.



Unlimited web hosting is always a better option than limited. However, check out a web hosts terms and conditions, user agreement, or fair usage policy – this should give you a clear picture of what unlimited really means to each individual web host.

Most serious host will offer you some assurances to win your business like, money-back guarantees of upto 97 days from Dreamhost and Free Trials so don’ be afraid to test before you buy. Speak to service provider so you can get the best product based on your needs. BlueHost response time is pretty quick so get chatting to find if you are best suited with a dedicated server hosting, shared hosting or Virtual Private Servers (VPS) or even Cloud based hosting.

Check out our reviews on some of the best web hosting services around, which are honest tried and tested reviews for your guidance.